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What we do

Clean web design

A website is a very important part in a company's marketing methods. Our team at circle plus know how to deliver successful web sites: we combine an unique, bespoke design with the key message that communicates your brand.

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Web development

We can deliver large and complex projects with a fast turnaround by using the lattest methodology. This means that our team can complete the projects with fast delivery time through effective planning and good communication within the team.

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E-commerce that sells

Everyone should be engaged in professional e-commerce and to have a complete e-commerce solution that sells that's easy to use both for the customers as for the merchant. A succesful online shop is the one where people enjoy to shop and want to return for more.

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Practical mobile applications

Sell your products and services through closeness to your clients and give your customers the possibility of using their smartphones to contact you and to buy your products and services through their iPhone or Android mobile phones.

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Latest projects

Go Shopee Kart

Logo design, web development for export and group of company from Chennai, Coimbatore

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powercare energy solutions

Site with Basic CMS d.jpgeveloped for electric products company

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Logo design, Basic website for a leading restorunt and comfort accomadation in T Nagar, Chennai

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Who we are

We look forward to hearing from you!

Circleplus is a web design agency with a special sense for clean design and we work with using latest trends and technologies in web industry. Circleplus assists all kinds of companies, big and small with web development, logo design, web design, mobile development, e-commerce and other services. We are fully aware that no customer is similar to another and we help businesses find their voice out to their clients. We know how much personal approach influence customer attention, behavior and how to keep his interest at a high level.

We believe that a good support and reliability is a great addition to web solutions, therefore we strive for you to feel confident cooperating with us. Our goal is to not only to work with you today, we make big efforts for us to become a long-term partner for you and hope that we can come up with full-range of solutions that helps your business grow and develop.


  • To stand out among 100's of other businesses
  • To show your professionalism
  • To separate yourself from text listings
  • To attract new customers through web searches
  • To brand yourself and not rely on freebie websites with their own branding
  • To show that you care about how you are portrayed
  • To paint a visual picture of your company

Finally, when creating your new website, I already mentioned how a great design is important, but something that is equally important is having your own custom URL and custom email addresses. This is just another way to (once again) portray your professionalism and show that you don't need to rely on freebie websites like Gmail or Hotmail for email. Is it easier to tell somebody to check out Which one do you think they would remember?

Our success is built on your success!

We are a group with passion for IT and web development that comes to the office with a smile every morning because we like what we do. If you choose to work with us, you choose not only a bunch of happy people, but really passionate people together in a team, doing everything possible to make qualitative and successful web projects with a fast turnaround!

Laugh, giggling and heated discussions

We combine efficient work with a lot of laugh and fun, then the work gets fun, which usually is seen on the results. We become more creative when we're having fun and creativity is a large and important part of us. The best ideas comes up during our friendly discussions, sharing ideas with our colleagues is both fun and gives result.

When the brain is most effective

Nothing is better than a cup of aromatic coffee in combination with many delicious cookies, besides the great taste it also grows the energy. No coffee cup or cookie box is too big for us when our brain burns in work and is screaming for something good, something sweet!

What does Circleplus mean?

Circleplus is not a random name, its not just a name on a design and web agency, Circleplus is a definition of adding value to your business circle, which simply means fast grouth of your business circle and flexible programming.