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We focus on nicely designed, well built & highly secured web, mobile and e-commerce applications.

Varumärke och copywritingBranding and copywriting

Logotype - Your company's logo is the company´s face, therefore, we put great emphasis on your company's logo which is a form of visual presentation for your company. Many of our customers choose to fill out the logo with a metaphor that characterizes the company and its products / services and makes it easy to recognize it only by seeing the logo.

Branding- It is important to have the same design on your brand. To convey the same message through your letterhead and footer design, business cards, and other documents with the same design and also with your company's logotype is remarkable for your customers.

Copyright - Your website copy and texts are one of the most important assets of your online presence, as both your visitors and search engines look for new, appealing and up-to-date information. Your unique selling proposition needs to be central and we focus on valuable expressions and call-to-action words that sells and increases your company products and services.

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Stilren WebbdesignClean webdesign

Unique layouts - Your website is a very important part of your company's presentation to the customers. We focus on delivering tasteful websites with a bespoke design that characterizes your company and its properties. We listen to our customers and comply with their demands. We are well aware that the taste varies from person to person and also from company to company, therefore we believe it is essential to adapt our professional work based on how you want your website to look like, combining professional web design with our customers' tastes, preferences and business values.

Clean web design - A website is an extremely important part of a company's marketing. We know how to make successful websites: we combine a clean, tailored design that communicates your brand with a modern - and professional web design technology.

Responsive Web Design - We build and design sites that allow the layout to change depending on what screen resolution your visitors have. This means that we customize pages to your site visitors to browse, with a tablet, smartphone or a computer, and adapt the content of the site to the visitor's platform.

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Agil webbutveckling programming

SCRUM - Through the use of SCRUM methodology, we can deliver large and complex projects. This means that through effective planning and good communication within our team, we can complete the projects with fast delivery times. When we deliver programming projects, we focus primarily on the good cooperation of our team, the project’s quality, its security and deadlines. A good collaboration and good communication between those working in the team to create your project is the key to a well done job.

Custom build web apps - We love extremely big and interesting projects. We develop websites and web applications that have over 5 million visits per month; Responding optimally to over 100 million page views per month, working with databases with over 1.5 million records; Using full text search techniques, such as Sphinx (a technique also used by Google) ; Optimal performance by combining PHP with Apache modules developed in C and requiring shared allocation of various resources in an architecture of dedicated servers (such as server images, database servers, etc.).

Wordpress - One of the most popular content management, CMS because besides being free it is also flexible, search engine friendly, modern and user friendly. WordPress is the perfect tool for both private and corporate scopes.

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E-handel som säljerE-commerce that sells

Magento - We build powerful ecommerce applications based on Magento Software which today is the fastest growing e-commerce platform. Magento is characterized by the functionality of the full pack, which develops and improves daily. Developing an e-commerce with Magento is both cost effective, search engine optimized, scalable, stable and secure!

Prestashop - For a simplified solution we choose Prestashop as a ecommerce platform. It is a free open-source based e-commerce system that offers complete and comprehensive solutions for e-commerce and content management.

Opencart - We recommend OpenCart for easy-to-use administrator panel. OpenCart is free to download and can be installed quick and easy. The benefits of OpenCart is that it is easy to use and update, and also easier to customize.

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Praktiska mobila applikationerPractical mobile & tablet apps

iPone applications - iOS applications are the latest marketing trend in all areas of work. The impact of the applications has been enormous, which means that most companies choose to increase the access to reach their customers through the use of IOS applications. We provide applications with Apple's latest methods and tools which are being adapted to to our customers' wishes.

Android aplications - parallel, with iOS apps for Apple's products Android applications are also growing fast and is a part of the trend. Android is a free and open operating system for mobile phones that gives your company the ability to reach out to your customers and users in a larger and more modern way. We create all kinds of Android applications and make maximal use of the modern technology combined with our customer's taste.

Mobile websites and webapps - We create modern websites which are adapted to our customers requirements and preferences. Today's society puts a lot of importance on potential customers possibility of visiting a website from their mobile phone or tablet - that's why it is important that your website is adapted and simplified in a mobile version with easy access from mobile browsing devices.

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